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Keeping Track of Kids

In response to the terrifying headlines of children finding themselves lost or abducted, a number of companies have started creating tracking devices meant to put parents’ minds at ease. Devices like the Amber Alert and the Securus eZoom even allow options like alerting parents whenever a child is within 500 feet of a sex offender [...]

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Six Reading Tips for Your Kids

Teaching children to read isn’t an easy task, especially if there are obstacles in the way. But the folks over at Study Dog have compiled a list of six tips to help you prevent reading problems. 1. Begin directly teaching phonemic awareness at an early age. 2. Teach each letter-sound correspondence explicitly. 3. Teach frequent, [...]

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Family Dinners: Are they really beneficial?

Although families have believed for years that eating meals together can help improve eating habits and prevent things like substance abuse, some psychologists are saying they’re not as beneficial as we believe. “We find no relationship between family breakfasts or family dinners and any child outcomes — reading, math and science scores, or behavior problems,” [...]

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