How Much Time Do Young Teens Spend Online?

by jessica on November 12, 2012

If parents still don’t believe that they need to take an active role in limiting the amount of time their children spend online, the following research from Everfi should be enough to convince them.

According to the research, the place where young teens most often access the Internet is right at home. Although the majority of teens spend less than three hours a day online, 13% of those surveyed admitted to spending more than five hours a day online.

What is shocking is that many parents are unaware of how much time their kids are spending online and what they are doing. Of the students surveyed, 17% believe that their parents have no idea what they do online.

Are you a parent of a young teen? Do you know how much time he or she spends online? Do you know what sites he or she visits? Will these findings change your attitude towards your child’s Internet use? Share your thoughts with us?

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